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Fingerlings Teeter Totter Playset with 2 Fingerlings

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Look out for Callie and Coral as they love to play on their colorful teeter totter! Coral is a coral monkey with purple hair and Callie is a blue unicorn with purple hair. This inseparable pair are exclusively available with this Fingerlings play set. Your child can put a Fingerling on each side of the teeter-totter and use the hand crank to sway them back and forth. These adorable and cute baby monkeys fit perfectly on the end of your finger and respond to sound, touch, and motion. These interactive, robotic pets can move by turning their heads, blinking their eyes, swinging by their tails and more, as well as making dozens of different sounds that are a monkey babble language.

  • Brightly colored, with fluffy mohawks
  • These two love to play on the teeter totter
  • Monkey Coral and Unicorn Callie are an inseparable pair
  • Recommended Age: 5+