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furReal Peealots Big Wags Raccoon Interactive Toy

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As any pet walker knows, pets sometimes need to pee! The furReal Peealots Big Wags interactive raccoon toy is a walking pet that comes with a water bottle accessory so you can give him a drink, and a two-part removable leash so you can take him for walks. He's a pet that pees, so now it's up to you to help him, well, go! Just lift his tail and watch as he lifts his leg and pees! (Be sure to clean up after him - it's the polite thing to do.) You may be laughing too much to walk very far, as you stop for potty breaks along your route. Wet or dry, this cute raccoon pet is a fun friend to pal around with!

  • Adorable interactive raccoon toy
  • Ready to walk out right out of the box
  • Has a removeable leash
  • Recommended Age: 4+