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Little Buddy

Little Buddy Super Mario Bros Flying Squirrel Mario Plush 1310

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Flying Squirrel Mario is a form introduced in the Wii U game New Super Mario Bros. U. When he grabs an Super Acorn, Mario can lightly glide in a similar way to Cape Mario and Raccoon Mario and temporarily cling to walls, blocks and pipes. The heroes are also able to air jump while gliding, shaking the Wii U GamePad. While Mario is Flying Squirrel Mario, he gets red puffy overalls, a grayish shirt and shoes and a big red cap with two squirrel ears on it and a beige brim.

  • Little Buddy Flying Squirrel Mario 9"
  • Soft cuddly plush
  • Tons of fun to play with
  • Little Buddy Item: 1310
  • Recommended Age: 7+